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Agility dachshund

Photo by M. Nicole Fischer

MAD Agility

Photo by M. Nicole Fischer

Photo by M. Nicole Fischer

The Mid-Atlantic Agility Showcase 2017


The 2017 Showcase will be held at the wonderful In The Net Sports Complex (3 rings indoors on turf) in Palmyra, PA.

The eighth annual running of the Mid-Atlantic Agility Showcase and Triathlon will take place April 21-23, 2017. Now in its eighth year, this event is a high-caliber agility showcase drawing competitors from up and down the east coast, mid-west, Canada and even Europe, with turnout increasing each year. The 2017 Mid-Atlantic Agility Showcase is a product of the joint efforts of three East Coast agility clubs, all of which are affiliated with the United States Dog Agility Association, Inc. (USDAA).

Three Rings, Three Days, $4125

The Mid-Atlantic Agility Showcase and Triathlon will span three rings of competition over three days. Local Qualifiers for Grand Prix of Dog Agility, Performance Grand Prix, Dog Agility Steeplechase and Performance Speed Jumping will be offered.

In addition, the Triathlon class will be offered with a winning purse of $4,125.00.

"Purse of $4125?", you ask...

You may ask, "How can the Mid-Atlantic Agility Showcase offer a Triathlon winning purse of $4125?" Well, it's our SPONSORS who make that possible. With their support, this event is able to provide our competitors with a beautiful venue, a large Triathlon purse, and many extra goodies -- not to mention some incredible shopping opportunities! So do visit our sponsors and vendors at their booths and support them. It's win-win for everyone!